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Boarding at the Prep

"He calls it home without even thinking twice!" Year 7 boarding parent

A vibrant boarding community underpins everything we aim to achieve at Mount Kelly Prep. Pastoral care is at the very heart of everything we do and our boarding community embodies this ethos and we are constantly striving to help every child feel like boarding is “home”.

We want our boarding to be a fabulous and fun experience for all the children in our care.  We want them to feel at home, feel part of the school and feel a strong sense of belonging and community.  From boarding at the school, we want our children to grow life-long friendships and memories they will cherish forever.  We also want them to feel they are the lucky ones with all that is laid on for them each term, day to day, week to week.

With full, weekly and flexible boarders, we aim to create a caring and trusting boarding community that welcomes all.  Cherished and listened to, our boarders are cared for in a family setting.     

Our boarding house is set in the heart of the school within the main building. The dorms are bright and spacious with many of them offering unrivalled views across the Tavy Valley and Tavistock. The children love the airy yet cosy feel.

With over fifty boarders our boarding community enjoy all the benefits of living in such a beautiful setting.  They are well cared for by our team of residential staff, matrons and Houseparents.  Blessed with ample facilities, our boarders embrace all that is around them from the river, the playing fields, cricket nets, tennis court, the farm, the outdoor swimming pool, adventure playground and Sports Hall.  A pool table, table tennis and other classic pastimes, our boarders are quite deliberately fed a diet of traditional and contemporary activities whilst promoting high standards of manners and socialisation.  Our all-inclusive ethos give tremendous value to the education our boarders receive. 

“This beats Disneyland!” Year 4 boarder


“A settled bedtime and a good sleep and we both feel that this setting is preparing him for later life.” Year 7 boarding parent


“Double thumbs up from all three of us!” Year 7 boarding parent
Boarding Staff

Prep House Parent

Amy Bremner

Prep House Parent

Rory Bremner

Prep Deputy Head - Boarding

Matty Thavenot

We very much look forward to welcoming you and your children into the Mount Kelly Boarding family.