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The HPQ and EPQ qualifications provide an exciting opportunity to conduct research into subjects which may not be available as part of other formal studies. Both qualifications require pupils to develop research skills, keep a production log, give a presentation on their research and evaluate the process.

The HPQ is suitable for pupils in Years 9 and 10, in preparation for GCSEs and as a stepping stone to the EPQ.

The EPQ is a Level 3 qualification available alongside A Level and BTEC courses as a stand-alone qualification and is equivalent to half an A Level.

The projects are submitted in any format appropriate to the topics chosen. They may consist of an extended written report or essay, an investigation or piece of practical work, a performance, piece of creative work or any other form such as a model, creative piece of writing or multimedia presentation.

The qualifications are delivered by teachers from a range of different subject areas and pupils are guided through the process of developing their research skills and becoming more independent learners. Through planning, critical thinking, analysis and evaluation, pupils are developing the skills they will need at university-level study and so will prepare them for their next step after their time at Mount Kelly.

Previous projects have included titles such as:

  • To what extent have performance enhancing substances had an impact on sport?
  • A short story based on the events surrounding the Holocaust
  • To what extent did Jane Austen’s life influence her works?
  • Should National Service be re-introduced in the UK?