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All squad members have over the years discussed the main aspects that are important to them as individuals and as a team. With help from the coaching team we have developed a swimmers charter. Swimmers attended a meeting to discuss the charter. The objective was to identify clear issues that are important to all of our swimmers regardless of age and ability and to give them the opportunity to express an opinion of what they expect from themselves, other squad members and the coaching staff. Robin Brew was humbled by the response of the swimmers and the meaningful way in which they wanted to accept responsibility for themselves and their swimming. The following is an unedited list of the points raised and is in the order of priority that the Mount Kelly swimmers chose.

  • To support one another
  • Team to be 100% committed at all selected events
  • Team to be 100% committed to training
  • Respect for fellow swimmers and coaching staff
  • Self determination – not to give up easily
  • To communicate well with coaching staff
  • Aim to turn negatives into positives, pick out good points not just bad
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Learn to take constructive criticism on performances in training and racing
  • To set realistic goals

It was also discussed that three main approaches to training and racing were very much required to succeed in swimming. The 3 Ds;

  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Dedication