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Learning Development and SEN

The Learning Development Department plays a key role at the Prep and we pride ourselves in the knowledge that we get to know the children that we teach as individuals. The department assists those for whom work is made more challenging by dyslexia or similar extra learning needs. We work in close conjunction with subject and Form Tutors to ensure that support is provided for those children who need it. We strive to ensure that every child reaches their full potential and it is our aim to identify children with any special educational need as early as possible. The Department works to boost each child’s self-esteem and to build upon and increase their strengths, as well as remediating areas of weakness.

Within the classroom each child is set realistic challenges with realistic outcomes. If the child cannot meet these outcomes, they may need additional support in order for them to learn more effectively. Support for the child may be given alongside them within the classroom by teaching assistants or the child may be taken out of a lesson and given either individual or small group support.

As a department, we pride ourselves on an inclusive, caring and dynamic approach to learning, where professional development is considered as vital in providing the very best education and information possible to pupils, parents and staff.  The well-resourced specialist teaching centre has computers and a range of multi-sensory programmes to support learning. A whole school approach is adopted and actively encouraged, so that the mainstream and specialist teachers work together for the benefit of pupils with special educational needs. There is a shared responsibility for making the curriculum more accessible to all pupils. The Learning Support department aims to offer support to those who are having difficulty acquiring literacy and or numeracy as well as study skills. Achievable targets are set and we work in close partnership with parents. We will recommend external assessments and specialists input, if appropriate, and incorporate their advice into our teaching.

We recognise that some of our pupils put in great effort to overcome their difficulties or weaknesses and they need encouragement and support both at school and home to do this. We are proud of the progress made by our pupils; we celebrate their strengths and achievements.

Our overriding aim is that as teachers and parents working in partnership, we are committed to offering appropriate support and provision, so that each individual fulfils their potential, emerging from the Prep as happy, confident and well-educated learners.

If parents require further details about educational and welfare provision for pupils with statements or special educational needs these can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Department who will put you in touch with the relevant Learning Development Coordinator.