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Mount Kelly Saturday


At Mount Kelly we see the purpose of education to prepare young people for the future. The word ‘education’ is derived from the Latin ‘educare’ – meaning to draw out. A school should be drawing out all children’s faculties or intelligences. In many schools this has been sacrificed to gain test and exam data. Without a doubt, children need to be taught academic subjects rigorously and be tested regularly to access their development. But there is a real difference between a child with a string of A grades and an educated child. Today’s schools need to be educating not just for exam results but for lifelong learning. To thrive in the 21st century, it is not enough to leave school with a clutch of examination certificates. Pupils need to have learnt how to be tenacious and resourceful, imaginative and logical, self-disciplined and self-aware, collaborative and inquisitive.


We are uniquely fortunate to have on our doorstep both the Dartmoor National Park and the south west coast, and we have devised a programme of activities for Saturday afternoons which will give our pupils the chance to enjoy the opportunities that this affords, and to equip them with the skills to do so.

The activities offered are:

  • Horse riding
  • Target pistol shooting
  • Snowboarding
  • Climbing
  • Dinghy sailing
  • Gig rowing

Pupils not involved in school matches, played on Saturday morning, may also try their hand at a range of alternative sporting options from squash to clubbercise and basketball to yoga.