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Overseas Expeditions

Overseas trips and expeditions offer a fantastic opportunity for pupils to, not only experience new cultures and learn, but also to grow in self-confidence and develop independence.

At Mount Kelly pupils are offered a wide variety of trips from skiing to game trekking in South Africa.

In Year 7-9 there is the opportunity to travel to Morocco and learn about the desert and how cultures have developed and survive in such a hostile environment, in addition there is the annual Geography field trip to Iceland which continues to be a popular option.

Our Sixth Form Physics pupils travel to CERN in Switzerland and have the opportunity of visiting the Large Hadron Collider at the end of the Michaelmas Term. Several French and Spanish trips take place each year for those studying the language and currently a new 'Humanities' trip is being planned by the Religious Studies Department to visit Rome and Sorrento in Italy.

Closer to home our CCF travel to the wildest parts of Scotland in the Easter Holiday to learn how to survive and trek in the snow.

Every two years a major expedition is planned primarily for those completing the Gold Award in the Duke of Edinburgh scheme. Recently the destination has been South Africa but there are plans to visit South America. 

All our trips can be followed via our FaceBook and Twitter links for up to date news from the pupils.