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Pastoral Care

Mount Kelly has a well deserved reputation for exceptional pastoral care.  It is important to us that every child feels that they are listened to, supported and nurtured.  In a kind and friendly environment, with a sense of security and empathy, the children in our care feel confident to excel in all parts of the school.  We want our children to be confident learners, spread their wings, experiment and push their boundaries.  They can only do this if they feel well supported by their teachers and friends.

We firmly believe in working closely with parents and children to ensure all niggles, no matter how trivial or grand, are resolved as effectively as possible.  With an open door policy and approachability of teachers, we aim for our children to feel comfortable in opening up and trusting us to support them.

We place great emphasis on kindness to each other, tolerance of one another and respect for our differences, strengths, weaknesses and belongings.  Honesty, respect and trust form the backbone of our pastoral system, teaching children that through these three words, strong relationships can form and sustained positivity in everything we do.

Traditional values and strong manners are part and parcel of what we offer at Mount Kelly.  Teaching children how to behave in formal situations such as Chapel, hosting visiting teams or showing a visitor around the school are important facets of their education.

  •  Treat others as we expect to be treated                                                
  • Forgive
  • Share
  • Listen
  • Be honest with ourselves and others
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Do our best to be our best

The Tutor system throughout the Prep school plays an integral part in building strong relationships between teachers and pupils and being the first port of call for parents.  We want our tutors to champion their tutees at all times and get to know them inside out.  Our tutors see their tutees everyday twice a day and are therefore on hand to deal with the many issues that arise day to day.

Our Year 8s play a vital role in being responsible role models to the younger children and a structure of Prefects, Heads of House, Lower Prep and Pre-Prep monitors provides excellent opportunities for pupils to take positions of responsibility.