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At the Prep we pride ourselves in providing a challenging environment to stimulate and develop lively and enquiring minds. We encourage all pupils to reach their true potential and eventually become individuals who value learning with and from others, as a life-long process.  Independence of thought and action is encouraged, together with application, perseverance and initiative.

The curriculum is broad-based in order to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge, promote enjoyment in learning and to provide skills to equip students for their next school and further.  We aim for our pupils to enter the rapidly-changing world of work and leisure as active and confident participants.

Everyone at the Prep works to create an atmosphere in which pupils feel secure and valued and encouraged to progress academically and socially.  We try to develop in them a sense of moral values, especially respect for others and their property, which will enable them to become responsible and considerate members of any community.

Parents are welcomed into the school and their varied contributions greatly appreciated. We foster close relationships with the local community and endeavour, at all times, to maximise the advantages of the school’s attractive location and the opportunities this brings for the children.



Senior Prep Pupils

In Years 6 to 8 pupils are encouraged to become more independent as they make the most of our excellent facilities,   and are nurtured and encouraged to develop as individuals, with a wide range of strengths and interests.

As throughout the whole school, these top year-groups have a very positive and caring atmosphere, where all pupils are encouraged to live out the school’s values.  The progress and well-being of all pupils are closely monitored through regular academic and pastoral meetings.  Older pupils in the school are encouraged to take responsibility and act as role models for the younger children, which is a vital part of daily life at the Prep. 

Children are encouraged to make the most of every opportunity that comes their way and to push themselves in all aspects of school life.  Music, sport and drama play a very large part in life at the Prep.  There are music competitions, orchestras, choirs and ensembles, as well as a very large number of individual instrumental lessons.  Boys and girls play inter-school fixtures in a wide range of sports, as well as a large number of House matches. Events during the year for our senior Prep pupils include musical concerts, sporting events, verse speaking competitions, drama productions and art events.

The Prep provides all pupils with a large number of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom.  Great care is taken to ensure that their time at the Prep is a positive and successful one, allowing each individual child to make progress in as many areas as possible and fulfil their potential.

Responsibility for the oldest pupils in the Prep is hugely rewarding: entry into Years 7 and 8 draws a line under the children’s primary education and offers them an opportunity to build upon previous successes, or indeed the chance to reinvent themselves.

The emphasis within these top two year-groups of the Prep marks a distinct shift in approach. Staff treat these pupils as young adolescents; in return, they are expected to give of their best in every sphere of school life. A strong learning ethic is essential as these pupils approach their Common Entrance and Scholarships, but of equal importance for the team of Form Teachers is to steer each pupil towards making the right decisions at the right time. Staff are there to offer praise, to support, or to pull on their reins a little.

The three tenets to our approach are:

  • Confidence – in their dealings with others; either children from the Pre-Prep upwards, their peers, or to parents and visitors to the school
  • Integrity – our pupils are safe in the knowledge that if they are honest with staff when things go wrong, they will be supported fully
  • Ambition – we want our pupils to leave with a real desire or focus, either in a certain subject area, or perhaps in an aspect of their schooling covered outside of the classroom 
Transition to Senior School and Common Entrance

The majority of Mount Kelly pupils progress from the Prep through to the College, however some pupils choose to move to a different school. For those that do leave us, we have an outstanding record in preparing them for Common Entrance and Scholarships to a number of national schools which include:  Eton, Harrow, Downe House, Cheltenham Ladies, Winchester, Sherborne, Sherborne Girls, Millfield, Shrewsbury, Blundell’s, Downside, St Mary’s Calne, Bryanston and Canford.

The Common Entrance curriculum is followed in Years 7 and 8 at the Prep.  The breadth and depth of the Common Entrance syllabus provides an excellent grounding for all those children moving into Year 9 and then onto their chosen GCSE courses in Year 10. For those children who stay at the Prep until the end of Year 8, there is the option of being prepared for Common Entrance and scholarship examination to a range of top ranking senior schools. The Prep has enjoyed an outstanding record of scholarship success – academic, music, art and sport - to these schools over many years. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience within the Prep staff body which ensures that children are properly prepared – and their parents thoroughly guided - through the process.

Children who progress through to the College will go through a special transition phase including taster days and a meeting with the Head Master. Their move up to the College will be significant and celebrated as a key milestone in their education.