Making Science Fun

Posted: 20th January 2015

Year 7 have been investigating Heat Transfer, by creating a three course meal in the Science Lab, using everyday science equipment!

1st Course – Toast
Lightly done under the flame from a night light, using radiation and convection to transfer the heat energy from the chemical energy stored in the candle to the particles in the toast.

2nd Course – Fried/Poached Egg
Utilising the latest kitchen accessories, a Bunsen burner and a measuring beaker, the students created this main course so loved by the nation! Using all three energy transfer mechanisms to transfer heat energy from the flame (radiation) through the beaker (conduction) and through the egg (convection)

3nd Course – Chucky Egg
How do you like yours! The pupils managed to create nicely formed soft boiled eggs, using all three energy transfer types. The more creative even created soldiers from the toast!

Sadly as with anything else prepared in a Science Laboratory, despite, being arranged in a style befitting “The Great British Bake Off” the food was declared not fit for human consumption!! 


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