Sports Day at the Prep

Posted: 17th June 2015

With so much sporting talent at Mount Kelly Prep, sports day at the Prep on 12th June was a much anticipated event. The sun shone as each House paraded down to the track with their banners before the events got underway. The children all took part in three or more events consisting of a wide range of activities from ball throws to nail-biting sprint relays. Spirits were high and each house gave rousing cheers throughout the morning, not only for their team mates but for all competitors, showing great camaraderie and providing an energetic atmosphere.

It was lovely to have so many of our parents come along to support the morning and take camp on the grass bank overlooking the track. For much of the day they were regaled by the display of different sports.

The high effort levels, sportsmanship and respect the children showed towards each other was outstanding. It was a great day for breaking records too as several were smashed and future pupils are now left with the tough task of raising the already lofty bar. All four houses fought hard and as the standings were announced throughout the day there were cries of delight and despair as each overtook or fell behind each other. The final winner after all the scores were totted up was Brunel.

Well done to all of the children who participated and our thanks to staff and parents for making Mount Kelly Prep’s first Sports day a very memorable one.

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