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Posted: 30th January 2016

Mount Kelly swimmers pulled off some amazing results at the Geneva Internationals last weekend. Despite an incredibly strong field of competitors including over ten olympic medallists and national teams from Europe, Mount Kelly finished third overall in the team standings. Ollie Taverner set a new British & English Record in the 14 Years 50m Breaststroke. Our swimmers also achieved: a podium finish in the top Clubs Trophy, four medals, one open Mount Kelly record, 16 Mount Kelly age group records, 35 finalists and three olympic trials qualifying times!

In addition:

Olympic Trials QTs were achieved by Julian Chan Quee Lin in the 200m Freestyle (1.52.58) and Ollie Taverner in the 100m Breaststroke (1.06.98). 

Medals were won by Julian Chann Quee Lin (see below) Emily Cutler (Silver in 100 Backstroke), Reiss Ormonde Cunningham (Silver in 200m Butterfly) and Ollie Taverner (Bronze in the 100m Breaststroke).

Julian broke the 50m Freestyle Open MK Record in a 23.66 

Julian Chan Quee Lin stormed to silver in the 400m Freestyle in a huge new PB of 3.59.31 just missing out to Multi Olympic medal winner Laszlo Cseh.

?A full list of finalists was as follows:

Day 3
200m Freestyle – Megan Bowen 6th & Lauren Hession 7th
200m Freestyle – Julian Chan Quee Lin 4th 
100m Breaststroke – Abi Rawlings 7th
100m Breaststroke – Ollie Taverner 3rd, Andy Paige 5th, Michael Alcorn 8th
100m Backstroke – Emily Cutler 2nd
100m Backstroke – Finn Linton 5th & Ben Staig 8th
200m Butterfly – Kaylee Dekker 5th
200m Butterfly – Reiss O-C 2nd & Alex Seymour 7th
50m Freestyle (A Final) – Megan Bowen 6th 
50m Freestyle (B Final) – Lauren Hession 5th
50m Freestyle (A Final) – Julian Chan Quee Lin 4th

Day 2
400m Freestyle – Julian Chan Quee Lin 2nd & Reece Worth 7th
100m Freestyle – Lauren Hession 6th & Megan Bowen 5th
50m Breaststroke – Ollie Taverner 7th 
200m Breaststroke – Abi Rawlings 7th
200m Backstroke – Finn Linton 4th & Alex Seymour 7th 
50m Backstroke – Emily Cutler 5th
50m Butterfly – Megan Bowen 2nd (B Final) 

Day 1
400 Freestyle – Megan Bowen 5th *New 18 Years MK Record
100 Freestyle – Julian Chan Quee Lin 6th (51.55)
200 Breast – Andy Paige 5th (2.28.17); Ollie Taverner 7th (2.30.82)
200 Backstroke – Emily Cutler 6th
50 Backstroke – Ben Staig 6th (28.45); Finn Linton 7th (28.71)
1500 Freestyle – Reece Worth 7th
100 Butterfly – Kaylee Dekker 4th (1.05.69) *New 13 Years MK Record

?Olivia Mae Cameron represented Mount Kelly excellently all weekend in the S8 Category at her first ever International Meet.

Those Mount Kelly swimmers setting personal best times during the meet were:

Day 3 – Kaylee Dekker, Lauren Hession, Andy Paige, Michael Alcorn, Jake Bentley, Ollie Taverner, Robbie Nielsen, Giancarlo Bernardi, Eddie Maddocks, Julian Chan Quee Lin, Megan Bowen
Day 2 – Andy Paige, Sasha Wavre, Lauren Hession, Reiss Ormonde-Cunningham, Michael Alcorn, Ollie Taverner, Eddie Maddocks, Giancarlo Bernardi, Ben Staig, Megan Bowen, Abi Rawlings and Julian Chan Quee Lin
Day 1 – Finn Linton, Robbie Nielsen, Sasha Wavre, Jake Bentley, Eddie Maddocks, Michael Alcorn, Andy Paige, Olivia Mae Cameron, Ollie Taverner, Lauren Hession, Abi Rawlings, Reiss Ormonde Cunningham.

The coaching team are very proud and pleased with the progress so far this year. This is a very early season race and reflects the effort and the quality of the work that is being applied by the swimmers and staff alike.

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