OMK Hockey Match

Posted: 7th March 2016

The OMK Hockey Match v. the 1st XI Mount Kelly boys’ team took place on Saturday 5th March in a spirit of friendly competition and rivalry. Congratulations to the OMKs who won the closely contested match, 2-1. The team were:

Rory Carr (OK 99-06)
Bob Carr (OK 03-10)
Henry Chamberlain (OK 07-13)
Ben Cole (OK 07-13)
Matt Earp (OK 07-14)
Dan Goldstone (OK 08-15)
William Jones (OK 05-12)
Barney Megicks (OK 08-15)
Olly Richards (OK 01-08)
Henry Searle (08-15)
Alex Shephard (OK 04-11)
Josh Walker (08-15)
Sam Willetts (OK 02-07)
Alex Woolcock (OMH 99-09)

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