Posted: 9th May 2016

The first athletics tournament of the season is an opportunity for those who have worked hard at their particular discipline to compare their progress against a large field of athletes from across the South West. This year 14 schools attended the King's College Taunton athletics tournament and those who came to watch were treated to not only fine weather and fine competition but also fine sportsmanship. 

Competitors from Year’s 4-8 gave their all in every discipline whilst competing for Mount Kelly. Of the 40 events our pupils competed in, a haul of 22 medals reflects highly on the level of ability we have within the school.

James Elderfield – Open Triple Jump

Nicole Dunn – Open Long Jump

Jed Hutchings – U10 Long Jump

Matilda Riggott – U10 60m

Crispin Newman – Open Javelin

James Elderfield – Open 75m Hurdles

Finn Taylor-May – Open Discus

Jed Hutchings – U10 60m

Ben Pitts  – Open 100m

Lizzie Elderfield – U12 80m

Finn, Ben, Isaac, James- Open Relay

Emily Lumley – Open Shot

Isaac Day –  Open 800m, Open 300m

James Lamb -U12 600m

Amelia Riggott- U12 600m

Finn Taylor-May -Open Shot

Lizzie Elderfield – U12 150m

Daisy Heal – U10 Long Jump

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