Devon Wildlife Trust visits Prep

Posted: 9th June 2016

On Tuesday 7th June, twenty pupils from Years 3 and 4 were joined by Mr Paul Martin from the Devon Wildlife Trust to undertake a study of the bio-diversity of the feeder streams entering the Prep School lake. They learned how to use a dipping net and were delighted to find a large variety of living organisms despite the recent floods. The fresh water invertebrates included several species of May Fly, Caddis Fly and Stone Fly larvae all indicative of a clean and very diverse aquatic eco system. The unfailing enthusiasm of the pupils included an extraordinary find of a shredded skin of a dragonfly which all made for an immensely informative and enjoyable afternoon!

Paul Martin from Devon Wildlife Trust informed the pupils that 60% of Devon’s wildlife is under threat but Devon Wildlife Trust is working hard every day to reverse this decline and keep Devon wild and beautiful. To find out more and consider supporting this work please visit:


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