Mount Kelly Athletics Trophy

Posted: 22nd June 2016






On Sunday 19th June, representatives from nine schools took part in this year’s Mount Kelly Trophy, competing not only for selection into the Devon & Cornwall Team (DRAKE) later this term at the Alexander Stadium, but also for the Mount Kelly Trophy. 

Despite the terrible weather conditions, all those who attended and the brave supporters and spectators didn't let the rain dampen their spirits and some school and event records were broken on the day.

The Mount Kelly athletes are to be highly commended for a truly outstanding performance, winning the Girls U12 & U14 Team Trophies and the Boys U12 & U14 Team Trophies.  A total of 19 members of in Birmingham on 4th July (see second list below for finalists).

Some notable individual performances are as follows:

1st           Lizzie Elderfield                                 Girls U12 200m
1st           Lizzie Elderfield                                 Girls U12 70m Hurdles
1st           Zoe Lowther                                      Girls U12 100m
1st           Zara Rizk                                              Girls U12 800m
1st           Amelia Riggott                                   Girls U12 1500m   (New Trophy & School Record)1st                                                                           Girls U12 Relay Trophy
1st           Eddie Mills                                          Boys U12 70m Hurdles
1st           Eddie Mills                                          Boys U12 Long Jump
1st           Jed Hutchings                                    Boys U12 200m
1st           Christo Wrey                                      Boys U12 800m
1st           James Lamb                                       Boys U12 1500m
1st           William Warren                                 Boys U12 Javelin               (New School Record)
1st           William Warren                                 Boys U12 Discus
1st                                                                        Boys U12 Relay Trophy
st           Emily Lumley                                      Girls U14 100m
1st           Lucy McGuire                                    Girls U14 200m
1st           Lucy McGuire                                    Girls U14 300m                  (New MK Trophy Record)
1st           Sophie Main                                       Girls U14 800m
1st           Emily Lumley                                      Girls U14 Shot
1st           Emily Lumley                                      Girls U14 Discus
1st                                                                         Girls U14 Relay Trophy
1st           Ben Pitts                                              Boys U14 200m
1st           Isaac Day                                             Boys U14 800m
1st           James Elderfield                               Boys U14 75m Hurdles
1st           James Elderfield                               Boys U14 Triple Jump







Congratulations to the finalists going to Birmingham:
Lizzie Elderfield      (70m Hurdles, 200m, Relay)
Amelia Riggott        (1500m, Relay)
Zoe Lowther          (100m, Relay)
Zara Rizk               (800m, Relay)
Jed Hutchings       (200m, Relay)
Christo Wrey         (800m, Relay)
James Lamb          (1500m, Relay)
Eddie Mills             (70m Hurdles, Long Jump, Relay)
William Warren      (Discus, Javelin)
Olivia Lee               (1500m)
Sophie Main           (800m, Relay)
Ben Pitts                (200m, Long Jump, Relay)
Joe Wheeldon       (70m Hurdles)
Euan Botham           (1500m, Relay)
Lucy McGuire          (200m, 300m, Relay)
Emily Lumley          (100m, Shot, Relay)
Alice Lamb             (javelin, Relay)
Isaac Day               (300m, 800m, Relay)
James Elderfield    (Triple Jump, 75m Hurdles, Relay)

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