Senior Maths Challenge

Posted: 25th November 2016

This year, Mount Kelly entered 68 pupils into the Senior Maths Challenge, run by the UK Mathematics Trust, with some fantastic results. The Senior Challenge is aimed at all 16-19 year olds studying mathematics and involves answering 25 multiple choice questions in 90 minutes and is sat in school under normal exam conditions. The top 60% of students nationally receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the ratio. We are delighted that this year, 25 of our pupils received either a Gold, Silver of Bronze Medal, ranking them amongst the top 3000 in the country. 

Special congratulations to Yubing Lu, whose fantastic score takes him through to the British Mathematical Olympiad (ranked amongst the top 1000 pupils in the country) and Alex Horkava, Ben Staig and William Li are through to the Senior Kangaroo (ranked amongst the next 2000 pupils in the country).

GOLD – Yubing Lu, Alex Horkava, Ben Staig, William Li

SILVER – Daniah Hagul, Marco Wong, Ted Jenks, Anthony Chan, Ken Wong, Veronica Wu, Josie Francis, Marcus Watson

BRONZE – Crystal Zhou, Alex Hau, Harry Leung, Charlotte Zuo, Michael Alcorn, George Key, Ollie Taverner, Shan Hong Liew, Lulu Kharas, Charles Barker, Anna Cox, Jia Chen Ren, Ben Harrison

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