Posted: 9th June 2017

For many years, the College Product Design Department has built up a formidable track record participating in the national Go4SET scheme, and has won many regional awards. In 2017, Mount Kelly also won a place at the national ‘Big Bang’ final at the NEC, a showcase of work by the UK's most elite young scientists and engineers.






This year’s three Year 9 teams did incredibly well and, despite stiff competition from 18 other South West schools, Mount Kelly still managed to walk away with an impressive three out of the six available awards at this year’s South West final. All team members performed fantastically well, and are to be congratulated for their team efforts and trophy haul.

Go4SET, a rigorous and demanding national team based competition, aims to encourage pupils to consider taking STEM related GCSE’s and ‘A’ levels, leading to degrees and careers in design and engineering.

Working closely with six Babcock graduate engineers, (Jamie Stanyer – Mechanical Design Engineer, Michael MacKay – Naval Architect, Natalie Mortimer-Ricks – Safety Engineer, Thomas Roberts – Marine Engineer, Rhys Harrision – Mechanical Engineer & Ryan Summers – Design Engineer), our 18 Year 9 pupils worked tirelessly over 12 weeks, a lot of it in their own time, to research, design and make their proposals for three unique totally sustainable ‘Eco Hotels’.

As part of their project work, they a number of hands-on, engineering focussed team-building events at Plymouth City College, and the Plymouth Aquarium. They visited the Plymouth MVV waste energy producing incinerator and the Devonport Dockyard, to see engineering at its greatest, and also climbed aboard HMS Courageous, a cold war nuclear submarine.

With 18 South West Schools competing and exhibiting the work of their students at this prestigious event, the quality of the models and reports from all schools was excellent. However, past experience and extra project trips definitely seemed to give Mount Kelly pupils the edge over their competitors.

Throughout the Go4SET projects, our three Year 9 teams had divided responsibilities and produced totally unique project ideas.  Mount Kelly Teams A and C were hugely successful, winning three out of six of the available awards. Team A are to be congratulated on their slickly-rehearsed presentation, winning them the cup for the ‘Best south west Go4SET presentation’. Team C are to be congratulated for not only winning the cup for ‘The most innovative project’, but also for winning the ‘Pupils Choice’ cup, for being the best project in the final, as voted for by all the students.

Well done to them all:

Team A:
Ellie Stanyer – Materials researcher
Thomas Hansford – 3D CAD designer
Marcus Coleridge – Team manager
Alice Lamb – Designer
Beatrice Watt – Materials researcher
Ella Sorensen – Model designer/maker)


Team B:
Charles Southcott – Finance director
Charlotte Ray – Project manager
Luke Barnsley – Energy researcher
Lauren Sarkar – Report writer
Solly Kurzman – Model maker
Alex Brijnath – Materials researcher


Team C
Claire Murphy – Marine environment
James Lloyd – Facility recycling
Jackson Sealey – Renewables & eco power
May Forgan – Ecological and environmental researcher
Nicole Dunn – Hotel arrangement
Dilly Haffenden – Project manager

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