Day Sails on Olga

Posted: 17th September 2020

Every day for the past two weeks, small groups of Year 7 and 9 pupils have had the opportunity to experience a day sail on Mount Kelly’s boat, Olga. Pupils were able to get stuck into every aspect of sailing a 56 foot cutter, from hoisting the main sail to taking their turn on the tiller. The weather has been outstanding for sailing and all crews have had the chance to sail out of Plymouth Sound and past the breakwater before heading back in to explore around Drake’s Island. The full experience of sailing, cooking and general welfare on the boat showed everyone how teamwork is crucial, and all of our pupils were commended by the Sailing Tectona Crew for their compassion and tolerance of each other whilst on board. In the current climate, Olga provides the perfect opportunity for our pupils to develop the School’s values of teamwork, self-confidence and courage. 

More photographs can be found on Facebook.

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