Black History Month

Posted: 16th October 2020

As part of Black History Month, pupils across the School have been learning about important figures in their subject areas.

The Geography, Economics and Philosophy, Religion and Ethics departments at the College have been creating posters for display, including an innovative system of QR codes which enable pupils to access more information on their phones.

Mr Ayling gave an assembly to the Prep about Jack Leslie, the black Plymouth Argyle player (1921-34) who was picked for England in 1925 but dropped when the selectors found out he was black. A further assembly covered Marcus Rashford and his initiative to eradicate child poverty.

Pupils in the Upper Prep have researched famous people past and present during History lessons, finding out about the person’s ancestry, the racial abuse that they may have experienced and how they campaigned against racial inequality alongside their achievements.

In Music, each class has been listening to a range of styles and genres of music by influential black musicians, including Nina Simone, Scott Joplin, and Stormzy. The children enjoyed listening to styles of music to which they may not normally listen and have learnt how much of the music produced today is influenced by black musicians.


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