Year 12 Biomedical Society 

Posted: 17th February 2022

The Biomedical Society is a new society for Sixth Form pupils looking to apply to medicine and related degrees.

Meeting weekly, the society aims to provide enrichment that will support their application through lectures and talks, interaction with professionals from relevant fields, guided reading into recent advances in Biomedicine and training on the application process.

At their first meeting, pupils watched a lecture on Infections which use the respiratory route by Chris Whitty and hosted by Gresham College. The following week, pupils applied their understanding from the lecture to suggest and debate the changes which could/should be made to move to a ‘post-COVID’ society. They discussed whether it would be possible to get back to the ‘normal’ of pre-pandemic times, or whether people should still keep some of the COVID restrictions such as wearing masks in certain scenarios. In a wide-ranging discussion, pupils also covered a range of social and medical measures including; vaccine mandates and education, mitigating against future variants, building design for ventilation, making society safe for vulnerable and isolation periods.

Article by Vika, Year 12

Categories: Academic