Ethical Investment Seminar

Posted: 3rd March 2023

Pupils studying A Level Business and Economics were treated to a combined seminar and online simulation on ethical investment. Stephen Barnett of Amplify Trading delivered the morning sessions with verve and enthusiasm – he has experience of the City of London, having worked for a bank and started his own business promoting ethical investing, and also of Sixth Form teaching in both Business and Economics at Charterhouse School.

Mount Kelly pupils soaked up his dissection of the financial services industry, and then came the time to plunge into the simulated trading floor: pupils worked mostly in small teams to invest a virtual £20 million, responding to news items on technology firms and the wider economy to make profits and avoid losses.

The feedback from pupils afterwards was overwhelmingly positive as both a learning opportunity and an enjoyable – if mildly stressful – near-real trading experience.

Categories: Academic