Carnegie Shadowing Event

Posted: 14th June 2024

Year 9 pupils were delighted to meet Candy Gourlay, author of Tall Story, Wild Song and Bone Talk during the 2024 Carnegie Shadowing event.

After an inspirational talk on how she became an author and the importance of ‘writing who you are’, each school presented on their choice of the shortlisted books for this year. Mount Kelly presented on Safiyyah’s War, by Hiba Noor Khan; a thought provoking and beautiful story based on the very real, little recognised and significant resistance efforts of the Grand Mosque in Paris, who assisted many Jews in their attempts to escape persecution.

Full of compassion and courage, this book is highly recommended and particularly poignant in our current context. Strawberry bonbons and oranges, key sensory motifs in the book, were distributed amongst the audience adding to a very enjoyable, yet literary experience.

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