Mount Kelly Overseas

Mount Kelly Overseas (MKO) is a stand-alone business with a remit to open a number of international Mount Kelly campuses in different markets across the globe. Revenue generated from our international schools funds the Mount Kelly bursary programme.

In 2017 we were delighted to announce that MKO’s first venture was Mount Kelly School Hong Kong (Registration Number: 609781). Mount Kelly Hong Kong is licenced by the Hong Kong Social Welfare Department and the Hong Kong Education Bureau of Babies & Toddlers.

International Nursery (Registration Number: CCC/948)
International Preschool (Registration Number: 608092)
Preparatory and College (Registration Number: 609781)

For further details about Mount Kelly Overseas Schools, please follow the link to the website below or email to


Mount Kelly Hong Kong School Video

Mount Kelly Malaysia (Submission and extension in process)

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M6 A

Mount Kelly China (Coming soon)

Mount Kelly Japan (Coming soon)