Scholarships and Awards

At Mount Kelly it is our policy to encourage and acknowledge excellence through the awarding of scholarships to applicants showing exceptional aptitude in their chosen area.

The purpose of these awards is to facilitate admission to Mount Kelly for gifted individual who, through their dedication and enthusiasm, will inspire those around them.

Year 9 Scholarships

Academic Scholarships for Year 9 entry are awarded to candidates who excel in our Scholarship examinations.

Scholarships are also available for those demonstrating outstanding ability in Art, Music, DT, Sport and Swimming.

All our scholarships are to the value of 10% off the stated fees but can be augmented to a maximum of 50% with a means tested bursary. Very exceptionally, and at the discretion of the Head Master, awards with a fee concession greater than 10% may be given to a candidate showing exceptional potential.

Candidates for a Music Scholarship are encouraged to contact the Director of Music to arrange a pre-audition. A Music Scholarship will also include up to 1 hr 30 minutes of free instrumental tuition including the voice.

Swimming Performance Scholarships are considered separately and are available from Year 7 at the Prep when new entrants to the School may also apply for means tested bursaries. Details of Swimming Performance Scholarships are available by contacting the Admissions Department.

Year 9 (13+)

Closing date

Exam date



03.02.20 and 04.02.20



04.02.20 or 05.02.20



04.02.20 or 05.02.20



04.02.20 or 05.02.20

Design Technology


04.02.20 or 05.02.20

Academic – pupils put forward for an academic scholarship will be invited to the College to sit  papers in English, Mathematics, Science, and Humanities. Questions will aim to stretch and challenge the candidates. The papers do not assume that the candidates have followed a particular syllabus, but a guide to the papers will be made available.

Particular ability demonstrated in a single subject may also attract an award (exhibition).

Sport – candidates will be assessed in two sports of their choice (see below) in addition to completing a physical test. Exceptional talent in only one sport may attract an award (Exhibition) but all candidates will be required to participate in two on the assessment day. Sports that may be offered for assessment are set out in the table below; a combination of two sports that occur in the same term will not be appropriate.




Michaelmas Term



Lent Term



Summer Term



Holders of any Sport awards are expected to participate fully in the sporting life of the School including pre-season training and tours.

Music – Candidates will usually offer a first and second study either of which may be singing. At the audition candidates will be required to perform two contrasting pieces on their first study, one piece on second study, scales and sight reading on first study only. Exceptional talent in one study may attract an award (Exhibition).

Music scholarships include free tuition on two instruments (Including singing). Holders of Mount Kelly Music awards are expected to sit for GCSE Music and to play a full part in the instrumental, vocal and concert life of the School.

Art – candidates will be required to complete a piece in the Art Department on the assessment day and bring with them a portfolio.

Holders of a Mount Kelly Art award are expected to sit for GCSE Art.

Design Technology – candidates will be required to execute a number of skills in the DT Department on the assessment day and bring with them one example of something they have made and a portfolio.

Holders of a Mount Kelly Design Technology award are expected to sit for GCSE Product Design.

All-Rounder – candidates who are put forward for an academic scholarship and are assessed in at least two other disciplines may be considered for an All-Rounder Scholarship. This will be awarded at the discretion of the Head Master.


The numbers and size of awards made in any category will depend on the size and quality of the field and the availability of funds. A number of Means Tested Bursaries are available the assessment of which will include any scholarship awarded and any non-discretionary award for which the candidate might be eligible. For further details of these awards please check the Admissions pages of our website or the Essential Information Booklet available from the Admissions Department. Awards will be honorary for pupils who are children of members of the Foundation Staff.

Full means tested bursaries may be offered for initiatives such as the HMC Scholarship Programme and the SpringBoard Foundation Scholarship Programme and will be awarded at the discretion of the Governors and the Head Master.

Duration of Awards - Our Scholarship system is designed to ensure that pupils who excel continue to be stretched and inspired as they progress through the School.  The assessment points are designed to provide this check and all pupils holding an award will be included in the assessment process for the next stage.

It should be noted however that a serious breach of the School Code of Conduct may result in suspension of the award.

Non-discretionary awards such as sibling discounts and the Armed Forces Awards are normally limited to a total of 25% off the stated fees. Any additional discount associated with a scholarship award may be means tested.

The value of scholarships, exhibitions and bursaries remains confidential between the parents and the School and we expect your discretion in this matter.

In all cases the Governors reserve the right to determine the number and value of awards.


In all cases a confidential reference is required from the candidate’s Head Teacher who should be informed of the application by the parents.


For further information please contact the Admissions Office:

 01822 813193 or

Westall Sixth Form Academic Scholarship


An Old Mount Kelleian, who has asked to remain anonymous, has made a generous bequest in the name of RVH Westall, who was his Head Master during his time at the College. The Old Mount Kelleian concerned was given a full scholarship to Mount Kelly throughout the years of the Second World War, because he was unable to return to his native country as it was under occupation. Thus he has decided to recognise the opportunity that was given to him by RVH Westall, by endowing a scholarship fund in his name that will allow others who would not otherwise be able to afford the fees, to benefit from an education at Mount Kelly. He requested that the criterion for selection be academic excellence.

Photograph: RVH Westall - Head Master from 1939 to 1959

The Westall Scholarship

  • Academic scholarship up to the value of the full day fee will be awarded annually.
  • Applications are welcome from anyone living within 30 miles of the College.
  • The award is offered “for academic excellence”. Candidates should be likely to achieve at least 7 GCSEs at Level 7 or above and have the potential and aspiration to study at Oxford, Cambridge or a leading Medical School.
  • The award is offered ‘for those who would not otherwise be able to afford the fees to benefit from a Sixth Form education at Mount Kelly’ and thus any offer of an award is subject to a means test.
  • The scholarships are not open to pupils who are currently at Mount Kelly.

The Application Process

Please complete the Sixth Form Scholarship Registration of Interest online form below. A member of our Admissions team will make contact with you to discuss if a full application for a Scholarship may be made to the Deputy Head Academic, Mr James Dixon. At this stage, we will send you a Scholarship Application Form. Please also provide a copy of your mock GCSE results, or most recent school report, and a covering letter explaining why you would like to apply for the award.

Applicants will be invited to Mount Kelly at a mutually convenient time for a tour and to meet the Head Master. You will also be asked to sit a short 45 minute essay assessment after which you will be interviewed by Mr Dixon. 

If you have any questions about the academic process or would like a copy of our Sixth Form Prospectus please do not hesitate to contact Admissions on 01822 813193.

Sixth Form Scholarship Registration of Interest Form