Higher (Level 2) Project qualification (HPQ)

The Higher Project qualification (HPQ) is a standalone qualification and can be taken by students as an addition to their GCSE or other Level 2 qualifications. The HPQ provides an exciting opportunity to conduct research into subjects which may not be available as part of other formal studies. The qualification requires pupils to develop research skills, keep a production log, give a presentation on their research and evaluate the process.

The HPQ is suitable for pupils in Years 9 and 10, in preparation for GCSEs and as a stepping stone to the EPQ

The HPQ requires students to study a topic area which extends or expands their learning in an appropriate area of study. The qualification helps students to:

  • undertake an autonomous piece of work
  • develop as inquisitive and independent students
  • be inspired and enthused by new areas or methods of study
  • explore the experiential learning process, and further opportunities to plan and review their learning
  • take responsibility for their own learning and develop transferable, core life and study skills
  • if appropriate, use ICT and appropriate technologies with confidence

The Higher Project is a single component linear qualification.

Students undertake their Higher Project in the context of a project topic they have selected, in agreement with the centre.

The outcome of the project can be a written report but it can also be a design, media production, performance, artefact or combination of these.

The Higher Project provides students with the opportunity to create an extended piece of work and to:

  • select an appropriate topic
  • identify a question or brief which specifies an intended project outcome
  • produce a plan for how they will deliver their intended outcome
  • conduct research into the project brief using appropriate techniques
  • develop the intended outcome using selected tools and techniques safely
  • demonstrate the capacity to see a project through to completion
  • share the outcome of the project, including a review of their own learning and performance with others, using appropriate communication methods