Learning Outside the Classroom

Mount Kelly has a much deserved reputation for being a school with a very strong co-curricular offering.

Our on-site, fully staffed, adventure centre 'Simply Outdoors' allows a planned and considered integration of these activities within our academic curriculum. Pupils undertake a variety of courses, all of which aim to develop their self confidence and motivation to learn.

Every year all pupils from Years 7 to 11 take part in the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOTC) programmes at Mount Kelly.  The structure incorporates a number of curricular elements into the outdoor activity programmes already offered.  There is a strong focus on development through the years and the programmes encourage all pupils to get fully involved and take on a number of team work and leadership roles throughout the year.

Year 7 pupils follow a series of team building activities and challenges such as raft building in which the main focus is for them to get to know one another and learn how they function as a group. In Year 8 the theme is survival and the programme includes real-life biology as they skin rabbits and learn about how we live in our environment. They also have the opportunity to Bivi out under the stars at night! Year 9 then progresses to a coastal programme based in Cornwall where pupils have the chance to go coasteering, climbing and snorkelling, whilst also participating in a drama workshop at the open air Minnack Theatre, completing an Art combined with Biology day on the beach and a Religious Studies led visit to Truro Cathedral.

In Year 10 they venture even further afield by heading to North Wales and having the opportunity to study physics at the Electric Mountain Hydro-Electric Power Station and also the chance to climb Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales.  There is a visit to the Ogwen Mountain Rescue base, home of one of the busiest Mountain Rescue teams in the country.  Last year the pupils even got the chance to see HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, fly in with his Sea King to conduct a training exercise in the Ogwen Valley. 

The academic staff are fully involved in all these adventures and the relationship between staff and pupils benefits enormously from these shared experiences.