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TenTors@Home 2020

Mount Kelly TenTors@Home2020

The annual Ten Tors Challenge 2020 was sadly cancelled due to COVID-19. However, 26 Mount Kelly pupils decided to walk either 35, 45 or 55 miles - the distances they would have walked in the Ten Tors Challenge. They walked loops within their gardens or near home, adhering to government guidelines, and they also camped out, to replicate as best they could the actual event. 

Pupils raised an astonishing figure of over £5,000 for NHS!

Every year Mount Kelly enters teams in the Ten Tors event run by the Army and is proud to walk for the RNLI, raising over £20,000 to date. 

Pupils can participate in the 35, 45 or 55 mile events over a two day period and must be completely self-sufficient throughout, including an overnight wild camp on the moors.

Training starts in September and continues throughout the winter in order to prepare pupils for the mammoth task of competing the distances over some of the toughest terrain in the UK.  As part of the training, pupils complete a full distance practice walk as part of the Mount Kelly Expedition.  The Mount Kelly Expedition is considered even harder than the real event as it always takes place towards the end of March when the weather is at its worst and the days are still quite short.  Every year pupils battle the elements to complete the event and earn their spot in one of the Ten Tors teams to take part in the main event which takes place every year on the second weekend in May.

The Ten Tors event is run by 43 Wessex Brigade and every year has over 2,400 pupils participating at the various distances.  It is a huge event in the South West Calendar and everyone who participates gets a lot out of the experience.

Mount Kelly also enters pupils into the Jubilee Challenge which is a trekking expedition on northern Dartmoor designed specifically for young people with special needs, both physical and educational. It was incorporated within the Ten Tors Event in 1977 as the Special Event and was then renamed the Jubilee Challenge in 1996.