We recognise that our modern age brings with it new stresses and strains, not least of all social media.

Our pupils’ welfare is paramount and to this end we have well established child protection policies and procedures designed to ensure their ongoing health and safety. Pupils identified as having particular emotional or physical needs will be placed on our ‘Care Register’  with their progress closely monitored by the appropriate staff including the School Nurse. There can be many reasons why a pupil may have particular difficulties for example home sickness, stress, bereavement, bullying, workload, and relationship and family concerns. Pupils may refer themselves, or they could be referred by a concerned member of staff or parent.

The School Nurse and her team of Matrons, along with the Housemasters and Housemistresses have experience of talking to and advising pupils about a wide range of issues and concerns and will always do what they can to help a pupil who needs that extra bit of care. Sometimes more professional help is required and where appropriate pupils can talk to our trained professional counsellor who is available by appointment. Alternatively professional counselling is available through referral from the school GP. Complete confidentiality is preserved except where statutory safeguarding and child protection requirements must be upheld.

Information about the counselling service is posted in the houses on notice boards giving times and contact details. All staff are made aware of the service offered during their Child Protection training.