Pupils’ knowledge, skills and understanding develop alongside their thinking skills, allowing them to expand ideas and form opinions. 

Pupils participate actively in their learning; their enthusiasm and individuality is valued and they are given opportunities to complete tasks in ways that suit their learning styles and the department encourages and supports the use of a range of technology for individual, group and class research. In the Lower Prep, Geography is an essential and integral part of the IPC, forming the basis for much of the learning through topics such as ‘Adventurers and Explorers’ and ‘Active Planet’. From Year 5 pupils move on to reinforce prior learning, looking at developing fieldwork and research skills alongside local and international case-studies, leading, in the Upper Prep, to their CE Geography coursework – a personalised study worth thirty percent of the final mark. With strong cross-curricular links to our Shackleton and LOTC programmes, pupils will also be learning essential map reading, orienteering and OS skills.