The ICT Department of Mount Kelly believes that the ability to use ICT effectively is an essential 21st century life-skill.

We aim to develop our pupils into learners who are confident, safe and effective users of ICT. ICT is an increasingly essential tool for learning and is key to raising standards across a wide range of subjects. From Year 5, ICT is such a fundamental part of all learning that it ceases to be taught as a discrete subject. By this age, our pupils have acquired a good set of IT skills that they can apply in all subject areas, enabling ICT to become fully integrated within the curriculum as a whole. Pupils use ICT at Mount Kelly to communicate and handle information and present it in a variety of ways alongside learning the basics of coding and programming. ICT is also very much viewed as a cross-curricular element, helping pupils to meet their statutory requirements for using ICT as outlined in the Programmes of Study for each subject.