Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) education plays a vital role in developing happy children who feel confident and resilient enough to learn and thrive in our fast changing world.

Our excellent pastoral and academic care systems encompass much of the PSHE syllabus, however we also include weekly lessons with Form Tutors to cover specific areas of our care in both a proactive and reactive manner. This ensures that pupils develop an understanding of right and wrong, life skills such as budgeting, human development and how to stay safe. We believe that it is essential for all children to share their experiences and ideas to help generate a strong community based on mutual respect. 

We tackle some of the more challenging aspects of the syllabus through stand-alone seminars at various points through the year, utilising external speakers or the expertise of our own teachers. 

The programme encourages positive attitudes, independent learners and develops resilient characters who can thrive in our friendly environment.