We believe that spiritual, moral, cultural and social values are ‘caught rather than taught’ and fundamental to the development of these values is the quality of day to day relationships.

Day-to-day care of the pupils is in the hands of the Housemasters and Housemistresses who, with their team of tutors, monitor our pupils' academic progress, general welfare and co-curricular involvement. They form a team of trusted adults to whom pupils can turn, for whatever reason. 

A successful system depends upon effective lines of communication and we value parental involvement.

At the College, each pupil is assigned a Tutor whose responsibility it is to offer academic and pastoral support. Tutors meet with their tutees twice a week during timetabled sessions and are the first point of call for parents.

Visiting Tutors are members of staff who are assigned to a House to supervise in the evenings, although not living in the House itself. They will supervise registration, help oversee preps and ensure the smooth functioning of the House before bedtimes. They are there to help when pupils have a problem.

Resident Tutors are in the boarding House on a daily basis, as well as on their duty days and nights. As they sleep in House, they can be woken at night in case of emergency, as can the Housemaster/Mistress.

The Tutor system throughout the Prep school plays an integral part in building strong relationships between teachers and pupils and being the first port of call for parents. We want our tutors to champion their tutees at all times and get to know them well.  Our tutors see their tutees twice a day during their timetabled Tutor Group sessions and are therefore on hand to support the children at all times and offer a guiding hand where needed.

Tutors monitor the overall demands on boarders’ time and will help pupils to manage and/or reduce the demands accordingly.

If a pupil or a parent wishes to raise a concern or issue, the Housemaster, Housemistress or the tutor should always be the first point of call.