GCSE Art and Design

A Level Art and Design

A Level Art Photography

With our own gallery, pottery studio, photographic suite, dedicated art library and two large purpose built art studios, not to mention the beautiful setting for ‘En Plein air’ painting, Mount Kelly offers a fabulous location for the study of Art and Design.

We see art as a transferable skill in creative problem solving and a tool to increase confidence in the way in which pupils express themselves critically and analyse their experiences in everyday life and in the world around them.

Pupils are taught traditional skills such as drawing, painting, printing and sculpture. They are encouraged to observe the world around them more intently and, with a fresh approach, to explore their ideas and feelings with expressive and surreal experiments. Mistakes are welcomed and used as positive developments. Pupils are invited to work independently, responding to text, imagery and experiences in personal and original ways.

The GCSE Art and Design curriculum aims to develop pupils’ creative and practical skills, extending their existing knowledge and understanding. They learn about the diverse roles and functions of art, craft and design, and develop individual, diverse and skilful coursework folders. Vibrant lessons and projects are designed to expand pupils’ understanding of visual communication and develop their powers of expression.

Designed to motivate and inspire, pupils are given a university style, personal working space in the Sixth Form. The importance of self-motivation, creative maturity and analytical research is delivered through study skills sessions. Pupils’ delve deeper into art history, forming critical and informed judgments of chosen artwork and create sophisticated and intuitive, personal portfolios through a variety of independently lead projects.

With dynamic, original and informative projects and lessons, Mount Kelly Art and Design underpins pupils’ creative learning through gallery visits, educational trips and artist master-classes. Pupils are challenged to question critically and independently, to discuss ideas and critique their own and others’ artwork. They regularly exhibit artwork in our Westall Gallery and in local exhibitions.