GCSE History

A Level History

The History Department offers courses that are designed to engage and inspire pupils and encourage in them a love of history, and to equip them with a wide range of transferable skills.

Our teaching methods are innovative and we endeavour to embrace and utilise technology whilst reinforcing the need and requirement to be able to communicate effectively both orally and on paper.

In Year 9 we aim to build on the skills already developed prior to joining us and we do this through a broad study of the Twentieth Century. We adopt a combination of overview and depth studies depending on pupil interest and are happy to go off on historical tangents so long as they serve some historical or intellectual purpose!

The new GCSE syllabus is an exciting and eclectic mix of old and new. We revisit some of the old favourites including aspects of 20th century international relations, a survey course of British History, depth studies of the English Reformation and the Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany, along with a novel addition, a consideration of the form and function of castles. There is no coursework. 

A Level History is an essay-based subject, so pupils need to be prepared to undertake independent reading and research. Guidance is given on how to approach the subject and individual advice is given on how pupils can develop their skills, be it source evaluation, writing a balanced argument or debating a point or issue. For those who have completed GCSE these skills will be familiar, however, GCSE is not a pre-requisite. 'Life skills’ are developed through group-work, class teaching, and independent learning, utilising a range of resources,

We aim for breadth and depth with a return to C16th England and a detailed investigation into the Cold War.

History is about research and communication, therefore it has retained an Independent Investigation and there is much scope for our pupils to be able to follow their interests and in doing so they are required to produce a 3,000 word study.

We don’t subscribe to the view that if you don’t study history you are doomed to repeat it, but we do honestly believe that the study of history plays an important role in making our pupils into well rounded, well informed and inquisitive individuals who will be better prepared for life’s challenges because they have a good grounding in ‘whence they have come’.