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English may be considered to be the language of the globe, however, we live in a multicultural society and a large number of employers recognize the value of having a foreign language qualification, be it GCSE or higher. Higher education institutes also consider such qualifications to be important, even if a chosen course or career has no obvious link with languages, therefore the majority of our pupils study one or more languages at GCSE and where relevant are encouraged to pursue this to A Level.

We aspire to make languages enjoyable, interactive, challenging and relevant to all whilst focusing on the following aims;

  • To enable pupils to communicate effectively and successfully in a foreign language.
  • To develop in pupils an open mind and positive attitude towards and interest in other cultures and languages, thus creating a global awareness which is so important in today’s multi-cultural society.
  • To enable an understanding of the nature of language and thereby develop their independence and confidence in using and learning a foreign language.
  • To develop in pupils intellectual capacities, such as information research skills and powers of concentration, analysis and deductive reasoning, as well as creativity and listening skills.

Pupils in Year 9 study both French and Spanish and then chose to study one or both for GCSE. GCSE Languages courses help pupils develop an insight into the country’s cultures and society and provides a basis for further study.

French and Spanish are offered at A Level and the skills and qualifications gained from studying a language at A Level are widely recognised as important tools in life.

The syllabus for languages at A Level is an exciting course and allows pupils and teachers to explore a variety of topics including French and Spanish Culture, Media, Leisure, Health and Global issues, as well as areas of individual interest, and aims to allow pupils to:

  • Develop the knowledge and skills acquired at GCSE level to a higher level and in different contexts.
  • Gain a useful insight into another culture, and reflect on various aspects of contemporary society.
  • Enhance employment prospects, facilitate foreign travel and experience the enjoyment and motivation of improving linguistic skills.

Former A Level language pupils have gone on to study Medicine, Journalism, Mathematics, Art, Chemical Engineering, Linguistics, Aeronautics, Geography, International Business, Fashion, Law, English, Education and International Relations, to name but a few.

At all levels of language learning at Mount Kelly, what pupils learn inside the classroom is enhanced by extracurricular activities such as film clubs, speaking clubs, regular theatre performances, talks and trips and exchanges abroad. Pupils are also encouraged to pursue their language learning independently by using language learning websites as well as borrowing films and magazines from the department.