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Physics is the greatest unknown of all the natural Sciences. Physicists study the unimaginably big down to the unimaginably small; and everything in between. This is true of any of the Physics courses we offer. From GCSE through to A Level, pupils study a huge variety of ideas and look at how the world works.

Many a famous Physicist has made huge mistakes as their careers have progressed. Mistakes and risk is something we encourage and is the true path to understanding. This will be seen in the variety of ways we approach the concepts.

Pupils will not be able to answer ‘Why is the sky blue?’ but will be able to put together some fundamental ideas and research, to be able to answer the question themselves.

Physics is so diverse that it really does have something for everyone and the rewards gained from studying this subject will help with almost any task in later life.


In contrast to the traditional 'topic-based' approach, our course, the OCR Chemistry B (Salters), is 'context-led'.

Using contemporary issues in chemistry, chemical concepts are introduced within a relevant context; the course being written as a series of units including 'developing fuels', 'what's in a medicine?' and 'the chemical industry'.

Pupils study in a spiral way so that ideas introduced in an early topic are reinforced later. Developed with University of York Science Education Group, the Royal Society of Chemistry, GlaxoSmithKline and teachers, the course reflects both the academic and practical skills that both universities and employers seek in today’s competitive marketplace. Pupils will also get the opportunity to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios to qualify them for the practical endorsement.


‘Biology is the science of life and the key to all our futures."
David Bellamy OBE

Biology is an important subject for the human species. We are still part of the intricate web of life on Earth and a knowledge and understanding of how our own biology and other living things affect us is vital for our long term survival.

Biology is still one of the most popular subjects to be taken at A Level.  It is the most easily accessible of the sciences for the greatest range of abilities and its relevance attracts many pupils. It complements many other A Levels such as PE, Sport BTECH and Psychology.

One of the so called ‘facilitating subjects’, Biology is a requirement for many Russell Group university courses. As a science A Level, Biology carries great weight when applying for university or other further education courses and apprenticeships and can lead to a vast array of both Biology related and non-Biology related careers.

The course is currently split into three units at AS and three at A2. In each year, two of the units cover the course content (each with a separate examination) and the third unit is practical coursework.