Boarding at the College

Mount Kelly has over 300 pupils at the College, just over half of whom are boarders.

Boarders and day pupils are valued equally, and every pupil belongs to one of our five houses: Courtenay, Marwood, Newton, School House and Conway. Each house has its own identity, however family values such as mutual respect, tolerance for others and kindness form the core principles for everyone and guide everything we do. 

Our dedicated house teams provide twenty-four hour support and are always there for the children. The pastoral system is overseen by our Deputy Head (Pastoral), Drew Bott, who always welcomes the opportunity to talk to pupils and parents about their needs and how we can best support them through these formative years.

The facilities and accommodation in the Houses include dormitories and study bedrooms for boarders, communal rooms, and day rooms for day pupils. Younger pupils share dormitories with several members of their peer group to encourage integration and allow friendships to grow.  As our pupils progress, they move to study bedrooms shared with one other pupil. Wherever possible pupils’ wishes are taken into account, however the Housemaster or Housemistress is responsible for the allocation of rooms and parental support on this matter is appreciated.

All school meals are served in our central dining room. The Catering Department operates a termly cycle of menus offering a wide choice of healthy balanced dishes at all meals. A selection of vegetables, salads and fresh fruit are available at lunch and supper. Fruit and fruit juice is available at breakfast.

Any pupils with particular dietary requirements should tell the School Nurse who liaises directly with the catering department to ensure their needs are met on a daily basis.

The College welcomes and benefits from the inclusion of a number of different nationalities and the catering department are well known for their international cuisine.

Our pastoral care gives emotional, social and academic support to pupils, enabling them to thrive and develop. There is a strong culture of collective responsibility amongst all the staff at Mount Kelly which contributes to the genuine friendliness within the school; something you can feel as you make your way up the drive. You will see happy children with a real sense of purpose in a relaxed but ordered environment.