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Extended (Level 3) Project qualification (EPQ)

This qualification is flexible and taps into your creativity and interests, giving you significant input into choice and design.

Your project can be submitted in any format appropriate to the topic. It may consist of an extended written report or essay, an investigation or piece of practical work, a performance, piece of creative work or any other form such as a model, creative piece of writing or multimedia presentation.

The Extended Project is a level 3 qualification and is available alongside the other A Level and BTEC courses you are taking as a standalone qualification. The project is undertaken over 2 terms and must be completed by the end of March. It is vital for you to adhere to deadlines in order to meet a submission date and to achieve success. The qualification involves 30 hours of taught skills and then pupils are expected to put in approximately 90 hours of independent work and research into their projects. All pupils are assigned a project supervisor who meets with them on a regular basis to discuss the planning and research process.

The potential benefits are enormous. Opportunities to get deeply involved in a subject that interests you, to develop research skills, to pull together different areas of other subjects you are studying and to exercise extended writing skills will all be valuable preparation for going to University. The extra UCAS points it attracts can make a difference to the success of your University application and will give you something you can discuss in detail on your Personal Statement and during interview.

Here are a few examples of recent EPQs:-

  • How has the historiography of Nazism changed.
  • Should the NHS treat ‘self-inflicted’ medical conditions?
  • Is there an antibiotic crisis?
  • How do readers interpret Harry Potter stories?

Course Outline

  • Conduct research into a topic of your choice.
  • Record what you do in a Production Log.
  • Produce an extended piece of work and give a presentation.
  • Assessment is on the Production Log, the project and the presentation.