Pastoral Care

We believe that spiritual, moral, cultural and social values are ‘caught rather than taught’ and fundamental to the development of these values is the quality of day to day relationships.

All Staff contribute simply by the way they interact with pupils during lessons, but certain subjects, such as Religious Studies and Personal Social and Health Education (PHSE), have a particular contribution to make. In addition there are a number of Staff, the Housemasters/Mistresses, the Chaplain, the School Nurse, the School Counsellor and others who work closely with individuals to assist them to prepare in diverse ways for the outside world. Each pupil also has a personal Tutor to oversee their academic, social and personal welfare, a relationship that is the bedrock of pastoral care at Mount Kelly.

The moral, spiritual, social and cultural development of each pupil is not something which can be achieved by curriculum organisation or prescription. It is an erratic, unpredictable and long term goal, and the effects of even the most sensitive moral instruction may be different from those intended. Evaluation in terms of outcomes is difficult, but we feel that the character and quality of the young people we produce is testament to our success in realising these lofty ambitions.

Roles and Responsibilities


The Housemaster/mistress’s overriding aim is to enable each pupil to achieve his or her full potential in all aspects of School life within a safe and harmonious setting; they are helped to do this by a dedicated team of tutors. They have overall responsibility for the welfare of pupils in the House, monitor the balance between academic and extra-curricular activities and encourage all pupils to play a full part in the School community. Academically, they identify areas that need action, as indicated by grades and reports and devise and implement strategies to address them, keeping parents informed of progress where appropriate. They ensure that correct routines are followed in House and are very much ‘in loco parentis’, with a keen eye kept on the safeguarding of children under their care.


We have six dedicated Matrons that act as a point of contact in a wide range of important areas, which directly affect the welfare of all pupils and especially boarders. Boarders will consult Matron when feeling unwell and they will treat any minor illnesses and injuries, and deal with their general medical needs as required.

Matrons liaise with the School Nurse over medical and dental appointments for boarders, ensuring that these are attended, and they accompany pupils where parents/guardians are unable to attend. She will also feedback relevant medical information to parents/guardians in consultation with the Housemaster/mistress and School Nurse.

Boarding pupils will be able to refer to Matron over any concerns regarding laundry, bedding, uniform or cleaning of rooms. Above all Matron plays an essential role in the pastoral life of the House and keeps a close eye on the emotional as well as the physical well-being of the pupils, liaising regularly with the Housemaster/Mistress over any concerns which may arise.


In the Prep and in the College each pupil is assigned a Tutor whose responsibility is to offer academic and pastoral support. Parents are encouraged to develop good lines of communication with Tutors who will act as a first point of contact in the day to day welfare of our pupils.

'Staff know their pupils extremely well and respond to their individual needs, strongly supported by the efficient systems to share information.'

Independent Schools Inspectorate Report 2015