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Please find information and photos of the Mount Kelly Swim Centre detailing our accessible facilities.

We do not charge for carers accompanying swimmers with disabilities or special needs when attending public sessions.

Pool Pod

Our new Pool Pod platform lift enables you to get into and out of the water with ease. You have the option of also using the submersible wheelchair.

This state of the art access system is useful for a wide range of mobility impairments – it is designed to provide access for anyone who finds it hard to get into and out of the swimming pool.

The user independently controls pool access without the need for pool attendant’s intervention.


The main steps into the pool have two sturdy handrails and wide flat steps for easy entry to the water.


Dedicated Disabled parking bays


Access to the Swim Centre is via a ramp with three flat areas to stop/rest.


The main entrance has automatic doors leading to reception which has a low counter.

We also have a disabled toilet in the reception area.

Changing Room

In the changing room there is a dedicated disabled room with a shower, toilet and an emergency alarm linked through to reception. If you have an assistant with you, this room provides adequate space for them.

Accessible facilities include: toilets, showers, washbasins, hair dryers and lockers which are at varying height levels for comfort. We also have a dedicated wheelchair store area.

If you have any questions about accessibility then please do contact us.

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We are a Dementia Friendly venue

Our staff have undergone training with the Tavistock Dementia Alliance.

We offer Dementia Friendly Swimming Sessions throughout the year.

Tavistock Dementia Alliance want to encourage people to live independently and well with dementia for as long as they are able. Perhaps some of the biggest issues facing those with a dementia and their carers concern their physical, social and psychological well-being. People often stop doing things that they have always loved when they have had a diagnosis of dementia. But we want to encourage those with a dementia and their carers to continue to be active and enjoy a social life.

Swimming specifically can be hugely advantageous as, not only does it involve physical exercise, and all the benefits that brings, it also has the value of being a low impact sport, and water is an effective aid to relaxation which can help reduce anxiety. There are, of course social benefits too. Just attending a swimming session and having a chat over a cup of tea or coffee can help build up social and support networks.