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Children’s Swimming Lessons

As a provider of the Swim England (previously known as the ASA) ‘Learn to Swim’ Programme we believe it is imperative that we focus on a high standard of service which gives the best value and quality of swimming education possible. 

Group swimming lessons are available for children from the age of 4 years. Swimmers are split into different stages depending on ability. Non-swimmers are able to progress through to a competitive standard. Each stage has a clear set of targets for the child to meet so that they can move on to the next stage in the programme.

To find out more detail about each Swim England Learn to Swim level Click Here.

We run a continuous assessment programme whereby each child progresses at their own pace and ability, with the opportunity to achieve an award as each stage is completed. On poolside you will see our instructors with iPods assessing the children during their swimming lessons. This information is updated regularly, allowing parents to view the progress made each week via the Course Progress Homeportal.

Lessons are purchased as a 12 week block, they run throughout the year with breaks for Easter and summer and Christmas.

You can easily top-up payments online or at the Mount Kelly Swim Centre.

We are not able to refund for missed lessons or withdrawals from the programme. Where serious injury /illness has occurred we will review the case on an individual basis.

To book your child(ren) in for Swimming lessons please fill in the online form below. Each child requires a separate form to be filled in.

Our Terms and Conditions are available from Reception and our Privacy Notice can be found at the bottom of this page.

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