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Coaching Programme

Our aim as coaches is to run a happy, caring and progressive swimming programme that meets the needs of all our swimmers and allows them to reach their true potential in the fullness of time. We go to great lengths to ensure that the swimmers get the very best attention both technically and physiologically.

Training and coaching has been structured in a way to optimise available pool and gym time and to ensure that we help develop our swimmers at a level that is appropriate for their personal experience, ability and development rate.


Year Groups



Red 1

Year 11 – Year 13

700 FINA Points

Emma Collings-Barnes (Director of Swimming)    assisted by
Josh Norrie
(Performance Swim Coach)


Red 2

Year 11 – Year 13

650 FINA Points All Girls

625 FINA Points Year 12 &      Year 13 Boys

580 FINA Points Year 11 Boys


Emma Collings-Barnes (Director of Swimming)   assisted by
Josh Norrie
(Performance Swim Coach)



Year 10 – Year 13

500+ FINA Points

425 for Year 10 Boys

Performance Para

(Year 9 – Year 13)

Performance Triathlon

Lawrie Thomson
(Performance Swim Coach)




Year 9 – Year 10

400 FINA Points Year 9

500 FINA Points Year 10 Boys

650 FINA Points Year 10 Girls

Greg King-Limb
(Assistant Director of Swimming)



Year 9 – Year 13

250-500 FINA Points

All Events & Distances

Bret Bassett
(Assistant Swim Coach)




Year 4 – Year 8

Completion of Swim England Stages 8 - 10

Joel Knight
(Performance Swim Coach) assisted by
Niamh Robinson (Swimming Intern)