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Summer Term 2024 Menus

A healthy mind and body are vital to success at school and developing a commitment to a healthier lifestyle is of lifelong benefit to pupils.

Thomas Franks runs the catering at Mount Kelly. The team serves delicious, fresh food (from local and family-owned suppliers wherever possible) to ensure your children have nutritious and flavoursome meals.

Every day menus include a wide variety of ingredients and cooking styles to ensure that pupils receive a balanced diet and learn about a wide range of foods. Menus feature a superb array of delicious soups; wholesome main courses; scrumptious puddings and an extensive choice of fresh salads and fruit.

Menus are planned by the Thomas Franks’ development chefs and nutritionists to meet the specific needs of growing children, ensuring that they can focus on achieving their best, whether that be in the classroom, sports field or in the swimming pool.

Local and Seasonal Ingredients

All of our meals are freshly made at school using Farm-Assured meat, sustainable fish and seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Local suppliers provide us with the best of each season’s produce. Eating with the seasons encourages a varied diet, for example ripe and juicy tomatoes in summer, cauliflower in autumn and root vegetables in winter. This means that our chefs have a wide range of ingredients with which to design imaginative and tempting menus. As parents, you can be confident in the provenance of the ingredients being used and reassured that your child is having wholesome and healthy choices.

Special Dietary Requirements

We can accommodate a very wide range of allergen needs and dietary requests. Children with such needs will receive a freshly made dish, which is often a modified version of the main menu. Parents who have questions or concerns about allergens or any aspect of nutrition should contact our Admissions Team who will arrange an appointment for you with our friendly Head Chefs (at the Prep or College) who will be delighted have a chat with you.


We operate an alternating three-week menu which also changes termly, ensuring that a variety of meals are offered.

Special days such as Christmas Day, Chinese New Year, Thanksgiving and Burn’s Night are celebrated by a change to the regular menu. We provide deliciously themed food, served in our Dining Halls which have been specially decorated for the occasion.

The kitchen is a hive of activity where all dishes and ingredients are freshly prepared and even the salad dressings are made from scratch. The only frozen foods permitted are sweetcorn, peas and puff pastry; everything else is made from natural, raw ingredients.

Our food is cooked using healthier cooking techniques such as stir-frying, steaming and baking, rather than frying or boiling. We reduce salt by flavouring with herbs and spices and we reduce sugar by flavouring with dried fruit and the natural sweetness of honey and root vegetables.

Part of the way we encourage healthy eating is to provide beautifully cooked food with plenty of variety and fresh fruit and vegetables, but we also use hidden vegetables or disguise them with delicious sauces.