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At Mount Kelly it is our policy to encourage and acknowledge excellence through the awarding of Scholarships to applicants showing exceptional aptitude in their chosen area.

The purpose of Scholarship awards is to facilitate admission to Mount Kelly for gifted individuals who, through their dedication and enthusiasm, will inspire those around them.

The range of Scholarships currently available include:

  • Year 7 and above Performance Swimming
  • Year 9 and above Choral
  • Year 9 Academic
  • Year 9 Art
  • Year 9 DT
  • Year 9 Music
  • Year 9 Sport
  • Sixth Form Academic
  • Sixth Form Westall Academic
  • Sixth Form Girls’ Performance Football
  • Sixth Form Sport

Scholarships Brochure

What is the Westall Sixth Form Academic Scholarship?

R Westall

The Westall Sixth Form Academic Scholarship award is for academic excellence and open to anyone living within 30 miles of Mount Kelly, excluding current pupils.  Subject to a means test and the same assessment process as for the Academic Scholarship, it is offered to pupils who would not otherwise be able to afford the fees to benefit from a Sixth Form education at Mount Kelly. The amount offered is up to the value of the full day fee, awarded annually. But please note, that if there is more than one suitable candidate the award may be shared.

The Scholarship is all thanks to an Old Mount Kelleian, who has asked to remain anonymous, who made a generous bequest in the name of RVH Westall, who was his Head Master during his time at the College. The Old Mount Kelleian concerned was given a full scholarship to Mount Kelly throughout the years of the Second World War, because he was unable to return to his native country as it was under occupation. He therefore decided to recognise the opportunity that was given to him by RVH Westall, by endowing a scholarship fund in his name that will allow others, who would not otherwise be able to afford the fees, to benefit from an education at Mount Kelly. He requested that the criterion for selection be academic excellence.

Photograph: RVH Westall – Head Master from 1939 to 1959

If you would like to register your interest in a Scholarship place at Mount Kelly, please complete the form below:

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For further information please contact the Admissions Office:

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