School House

2013 was a historic year in the history of School House, after a busy year of extensive and careful refurbishment it was re-opened and for the first time became home to 25 girls! The House now houses about 40 girls in Years 9 to 13, alongside Marwood our second boarding house for girls.

Every member of the house is an individual but is also part of our house community. School House prides itself on its team spirit which we expect all the girls to embrace and in which they all participate.

School House is in the centre of the College and provides plenty of space for relaxation and study. The dormitories range from singles up to 5 in a room and are allocated according to year group. The majority of the rooms are study bedrooms where the girls can work and relax; each room has its own character and charm. The house has common rooms, kitchens and day rooms, all giving the girls plenty of communal space as well.

I live by the saying that ‘Family is Everything’ and welcome every girl in to our extended school family.

All the girls will get to know the other members of our House, our Housekeepers and Matron. Matron looks after the girls through the day and is always on hand if a girl feels unwell. Our dedicated team of tutors help mentor our pupil’s academic progress and are a key contact with whom parents can keep in touch and keep informed regarding the progress of their daughter.

We want every girl in our care to feel accepted, understood and valued and to achieve their full potential and our aim is to provide an environment in which that is possible.