13+ Entry

Year 9 to Year 11

Applications for admission to the College are welcome for any year group and at any time of the year.

A visit or taster day is always recommended and can be arranged at any time although we recommend that you visit during term time if you can. The Admissions Office is open throughout the year and we are always happy to discuss any aspect of the admission process. Whenever possible we will arrange a meeting with the Deputy Head (Academic) who will discuss the subjects available at the College and begin to introduce you to the way in which GCSE options are chosen.

Once a pupil is admitted to the School they will usually automatically progress to the Sixth Form and the A Level programme as appropriate.

At Mount Kelly we use assessments and previous school reports in order to place new pupils in the correct sets for each subject.

Applicants applying for a scholarship for Year 9 entry will take the Mount Kelly scholarship papers, details of which can be obtained from Admissions.

Mount Kelly Senior Student