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Second Hand Uniform

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Girls Uniform

Mount Kelly Girls Board

Girls Uniform – Formal Wear

Mount Kelly Girls Formal

Boys Uniform

Mount Kelly Boys Board Day

Boys Uniform – Formal Wear

Mount Kelly Boys Formal Board

Girls Uniform – Summer Term only

Girls from Nursery to Year 6

Red and blue check dress, navy knee-high or ankle socks (not trainer socks) and their school cardigan or jumper. Girls from Year 3 to Year 6 will have the option of wearing a cardigan rather than their jumper, if preferred.

Girls from Year 7 to Year 11

Red and blue check skirt, white open-necked blouse, blazer, jumper if required, and navy knee-high or ankle socks (not trainer socks).

Girls in Years 12 & 13

The current Sixth Form summer uniform, which is the School kilt or a navy knee-length skirt (which must be purchased from the School Shop) with tan/neutral tights, white open-necked blouse and blazer, plus jumper if required.

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