The Governing Body is a group of volunteers, up to 21 strong, including two members who are nominated – by the Bishop of Exeter, and the Dean and Chapter of Exeter Cathedral.

We use our broad cross section of skills on behalf of the Mount Kelly Foundation. Some of us are past pupils or parents, others are people who give their time and effort willingly because they like what Mount Kelly does. All of us have one aim: to allow your children to thrive in a safe, well regulated environment.

What does the Governing Body do?

The day to day running of the Foundation rests in the hands of the Executive team of the Principal (who is also the Chief Executive), Heads, Deputy Heads and staff. The Governors are the Foundation’s Non-Executives Directors, Trustees and Members, and our job is four-fold:

  • To work as a team with the Executives, allowing them to have the scope and confidence to handle the day to day challenges, but hold them to account through constructive challenge. That way we have the confidence as a Board that they are meeting the financial and regulatory requirements and the goals we set them, and that we operate within the Foundation’s Memorandum and Articles, delegations, and the rules set by the Charity Commission.
  • To use Board foresight to set a clear long term strategy for the Foundation with a financial model to suit, and to make sure that strategy is adjusted and delivered. The Governors’ current strategy for Mount Kelly is known as Mount Kelly 5 Year Strategic Plan (2021-2026). The Plan will be reviewed during 2025/26.
  • To have Board Insight to understand how the Foundation is performing by the use of committees, and the checking of policies and procedures, personal experience on the ground, and through board questioning and looking at external bench-marking and audit.
  • To act as the Foundation’s proprietor, with particular responsibilities for safeguarding and statutory compliance.
What are the Board sub-committees?

Governance is conducted principally through seven sub-committees: the Strategy Committee; the Education Standards Committee; the Finance & General Purposes Committee; the Safeguarding Committee; the Governance Committee; the Remuneration Committe; and the Health, Safety and Risk Management Committee. Specific projects are frequently delegated as necessary by committees to project groups involving small numbers of governors, often meeting virtually. The Governing Body undertakes regular self-reviews and external reviews of governance processes and procedures are conducted regularly.

Could you be a Governor?

Yes. We recruit on a skills basis so the Board is properly balanced. We are often looking for potential Governors with specialist skills such as finance, HR, education, or project management; but more generalist skills are also welcome. We also use ‘Associate Governors’ who are not Board members but where we would like to draw on specific skill sets you might have to offer in support of Mount Kelly. If you are a current parent though, you should note we have some governors who are parents, but no Parent Governors: a subtle but very important difference. If you want to know more please contact me

Ian MacQueen – Chair

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