Russell House

Russell House is Mount Kelly’s Day House for boys in Years 9-13.

Russell House is ideally configured to enable your sons to thrive socially, academically and emotionally.

We are a vibrant and supportive community within the School and the tutor team do all they can to help you feel safe, secure and supported so that you can grow and develop as confident, independent individuals. The House is made up of pupils from across all year groups, 9-13. Having a vertical structure such as this offers many benefits and opportunities, one of the key ones being the opportunity for older pupils to be mentors and role models.

Whilst there are plenty of opportunities for year groups to mix, the house itself has designated year group areas, allowing for both social space and study.

We are proud of our pastoral care and central to this is strong communication between pupils, tutors, parents and me. Everyone is approachable, ready to listen and to support you through your journey.

Mount Kelly pupils are extremely busy both academically and with co-curricular activities and I would urge you to throw yourself into all the School has to offer. We run termly ‘house trips’ in which we hope everyone will be involved whether it be a trip to the cinema, tenpin bowling or a trek on the moor.

I am a Teacher of PE, Head of Hockey and the Housemaster of Russell House. I am supported by an Assistant Housemistress, Katy Kelly, and a team of eight tutors.

I look forward especially to you helping me build a strong, supportive and inclusive environment that is Russell House.


Mr Tom Honey

Russell Housemaster, PE, Head of Hockey
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