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Sixth Form

The Sixth Form at Mount Kelly has its own identity whilst still maintaining its place within the supportive and friendly community that is Mount Kelly. During their time in the Sixth Form, pupils are encouraged to branch out and become more independent, but they do so knowing that the necessary support is available as and when they need it.

As pupils move on from GCSE study, they enter a phase of transition and take more responsibility for organising themselves. Classes are smaller, the atmosphere more informal, and teachers expect more initiative and co-operation from them. It sometimes takes time to adapt to this new way of learning, but each pupil will follow a study skills course and will be assigned an academic Sixth Form tutor who guides his or her tutees through the Sixth Form and provides necessary support during this transition.

Pupils are assigned to Houses and have the academic and pastoral support of their respective Housemaster/mistress, the Sixth Form Coordinator and the Academic and Pastoral Deputy Heads.

The Sixth Form at Mount Kelly encourages pupils to contribute as a member of the whole community. Whether through participation in the wide range of academic and co-curricular opportunities, College or House competitions or leadership roles, every Sixth Former has the opportunity to make a difference.

Our pupils continually astound us with their capacity to achieve academically whilst also demonstrating the commitment to excel in a challenging schedule of events that includes the Ten Tors Challenge, the Devizes to Westminster Canoe Marathon, the Combined Cadet Force and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. Being in the Sixth Form is not just all about work!

Pupils can take on responsibility roles within the Sixth Form, helping to arrange social evenings and events. These range from energetic events such as Barn Dances and Sumo Wrestling to more cerebral evenings such as ‘Movie Night’ or a quiz. Everyone’s interests are catered for and all the Sixth Form are encouraged to get involved.